Submission: Santa Paula Creek

Submitted: May 31, 2019

Location: 34°26’20.0″N 119°05’01.4″W

Fossils Found: A contributor found Turritella Snail Shells, Oyster Drill Snail Shells, and Fossil Bivalves, which they were told could be any of or a mix of Cucullaea, Glycymeris, and Glycymerita. Shell and gastropod fossils are relatively common in this area which is part of the Topatopa Range. The fossils are of an unknown age, but similar fossils found in the Los Padres Wilderness have been dated to the Oligocene-Eocene periods.

Directions: Find the coordinates on the Santa Paula Creek flood plain, downstream from the “Punchbowls” waterfalls. Many of the trails in the area can have loose gravel so it’s important to be careful fossil hunting in the area!

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