Where to Find Fossils at Surfer’s Knoll

Geology: Very similar to that of other Ventura fossil sites such as:

Coal Point: link

Rincon Point: link

Ojai Trails: link

Sespe Wilderness: link

Paleontology: Black fossil bone about 14-15 inches long, which was found in a layer of sand that was cut into by the waves, was submitted on November 18th, 2016.

Other: If you have any input that would help identify the fossil, feel free to contact us and we will update this find.


10 thoughts on “Where to Find Fossils at Surfer’s Knoll

  1. Pam Lindsey says:

    My husband is a paleontologist. He says that black colored bone, if truly a fossil and not just a discolored modern bone, appears to be the metatarsal bone of a bison. If it is not old, it is simply a cow bone.


  2. stygimoloch84 says:

    This bone is either an artiodactyl metacarpal or metatarsal. The best way to tell which is to look at the proximal end. If it looks like a letter “D” in cross-section, then it is a metacarpal. If it looks like an “O”, then it’s a metatarsal. It’s hard to tell from the photos.


  3. K. Dearborn says:

    I’m sure someone has already commented that this looks like a cannon bone – the lower leg bone of an ungulate. It is more robust than would be expected for a deer, it looks more like bison.


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